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What is Australian Dog Coats?

We are a handful of dog lovers sourcing the best quality Australian made dog coats and accessories for your dog. We are familiar with low quality materials as we have purchased them ourselves and have a lot of the time been quite disappointed with what we got. When your dog tries on his or her coat from us we know they will be extremely happy.

The Problem with Low Quality Materials

They can easily irritate your beloved pets skin, shrink, break and most often then not do not come with any kind of guarantee.

Our Mission

Our missions is simple: Provide the Australian dog population with high quality dog products that have a long usage life and look great. We know by doing this we will keep the dogs of Australia happy and in return keep the owners happy.

Each product selected has the main three things in mind. Ease of movement, Material and Style. We know that keeping these three things in mind you will always have a happy and good looking dog. This is why thousands of dogs all over Australia have chosen us as their number one outfit!